According to the man who has walked the world, our ancestors travelled from humanity’s birth place in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa and spread throughout the earth.

Since then, we have reached the moon. And, we are about to spread to outer space, first to Mars.

Why are we doing this? When do we stop?

We are not going to stop.

Aarticle about a study conducted on mice said the mice who explored the environment more broadly grew more new neurons than less adventurous mice.

I bet this also applies to human beings, as the authors of the study suggest. The more we explore the environment, the more we grow new neurons. Otherwise put, if we want to grow more neurons, we just have to explore. Perhaps, this study also implies that exploration is innate in smart people. And perhaps, this also explains why humanity can’t stop exploring.

Below are the places I have explored and have written about so far.


One mountain a lifetime: Our Mt. Isarog Climb (July 5, 2016)

We climbed Pilar, Capiz highest mountains in Yating! (June 21, 2016.)

Mt. Tagpaya, Mt. Oten, and Mt. Tagpew in Kibungan, Benguet (May 6, 2016).

Because of forest fire, we were not able to climb Mt. Apo. Instead, we climbed Mt. Talomo in Davao City. It was my most difficult climb not because of the terrain but because of the pain I felt in my right thigh, first time in all my climbs. Despite the pain, I was able to summit Mt. Talomo with the help of a metaphor (April 21, 2016).

Mt. Arayat in Pampanga, our final practice climb to Mt. Apo. But what happens if Mt. Apo is closed because of fire (April 6, 20016)?

The spectacular view on Tarak Ridge, in Mariveles, Bataan (March 22, 2016).

Mt. Makiling and why is it my favorite mountain so far (March 9, 2016).

Mountain of White Rocks and River of Shattered Boulders. Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River in Tanay, Rizal (February 23, 2016).

Uway-uway Falls in Jamindan, Capiz (February 20, 2016).

In 2012, DENR Region 6 declared this site as the best protected area in Region 6. Hinulugan Mountain. (February 8, 2016).

Dear Oca: Why I climb mountains (January 30, 2016).

The Divine Mercy Shrine overlooking the sea on Siari Hills in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte (January 20, 2016).

Come with me to work in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte (January 20, 2016).

The white beach of Baliangao in Misamis Occidental (January 19, 2016).

Why not also rock climb Baga Falls in Misamis Occidental (January 19, 2016)?

Linabo Peak in Dipolog, with 3,003 steps to the summit, no wonder this is called a place for the repentant (January 18, 2016).

What can you find in QC Circle? Pres Quezon’s house and a lot more (January 15, 2016).

Pilar’s 5 Placid Peaks to End 2015 (December 29, 2015): After reaching Mt. Opao, it would be an easy and scenic trek towards the other peaks.

Mt. Marami sa Cavite, ang pangalawang bundok na inakyat ng yours truly (September 2, 2015): Bukang liwayway na kami dumating sa camp site. Nadelay ang lakad ng halos apat na oras dahil sa mga kapatid na INC members. Pinipersecute daw ang mga leaders nila kaya nagrally sila sa harap ng opisina in Leila De Lima, ang dating Sec of Justice. Di pa nasiyahan, sinara nila ang Edsa sa ilalim ng Shaw MRT station.

Weny’s Butterfly Garden in Panay (August 12, 2015): Where even the butterflies that flap their wings and cross paths with you seem to be imbued with passion and genuine love.

Mt. Napulauan, the first Mountain I climb is in Ifugao (July 15, 2015): How do you prepare for your first climb? How does it feel to be on the mountain’s summit after 9 hours of climb?

Roxas City River Tours (June 9, 2015): Two River Tours, Thousands of Trees, Tons of Seafood, One Captivating Capiz.

Largest Bell in Asia in Panay (June 9, 2015): Take a Group Photo Inside Asia’s Largest Church Bell, Only in the Philippines!

Hinulugan Falls in Tabun-acan, Pilar, Capiz (August 24, 2014): There was only the roar of the pristine water, interrupted by our excited voices.

Tacloban after Yolanda (April 21, 2014): Lawyers Help Tacloban Rebuild after Yolanda.

Tacloban dalawang taon bago ang Yolanda (November 26, 2012): Binisita ko ang matalik na kaibigan at classmate sa law school na si Atty. Erwin Pedrosa at para na rin maging ninong kay Jaja, ang panganay niyang anak.

University of Iloilo College of Law (March 22, 2007): University of Iloilo has its back at the sea. Across the sea is one mountainous end of the Guimaras Island, where from on top, a white cross could be seen.