Back in 2000, the People of the Republic of the Philippines spent for my board and lodging, and my daily stipend for about a week as I studied with writers of different genre, from all over the country, in the University of the Philippines in Miag-ao, Iloilo, in the 37th UP National Writers’ Workshop.

I was a fellow for Hiligaynon (the language of the Ilongo) poetry.

I am publishing my Hiligaynon poems (binalaybay), most of them with English translations, here as my way of saying thank you to the Filipino people.

I have made an effort to align the English translations to no avail. I hope you forgive me for the chaos.

If you write better than I do or if you know the Hiligaynon language and you can translate it in English better than I do, please do help me.

Please select and click titles below:

(wala) 01 Anak Janitor Ang Makabati

Ulan Ayhan Bagyo Hawiri Iliili

Iloy Palabaay Paraiso Sa Uma Susan Toto


49 thoughts on “Binalaybay

  1. Hi JP…I see from your blog that you are a writer and poet? But I’m sorry that I cannot help you translate that Hiligaynon to English.

  2. Cath, thanks for dropping by and leaving your observation and also your valid excuse why you can not help me translate my “poems” to English.

    I still do not have enough confidence to claim I am a writer, but I believe “writer” is a being I would like to become. That I am a poet is highly debatable. Yes, I have written many poems, some of them published in one of the national magazines, others here with English translations, but I don’t think I really have it to be a poet. I do not read as much poems as I read novels and nonfiction, and I do not enjoy poems as much as I enjoy novels and nonfiction, except those poems written for me. I wanted to be a story teller. I was advised however that to become one, I need to learn the basic elements of a story. All those elements are found in a single poem, regardless of its length. That is how I became a “poet”.

    How’s 9 and 11?

  3. Madamo nga salamat sa imong mga binalaybay. Honestly, Ilonggo ko pero subong ko lang nahibaluan nga binalaybay gali ang tula sa Ilonggo. Yes, pathetic! hehe
    I’m into poetry lately and would love to write in the vernacular languages- Cebuano and of course, Ilonggo.
    I am currently “rediscovering” my Ilonggo roots. cheers!

  4. Ginapabugal ko gid ining imo nga blog. Halin sang una gid man, bilib na ko sa imo nga abilidad. Padayon, amigo! Tubtob sa sunod naton nga pagkita-ay. Halong!

  5. Ako iya sa iloilo natawo pero sang 1980 to early 90’s nasa Daianggas ako (GSC) Mindanao. God sent me to England UK in 1994. In 2002 I started writing poems/prose and in 2005 I became a member of In December 2006 my first book “The Messages” miscellaneous prose and poetry was published. As of now, my second book “The Messages of My Dreams” which my dream diary (prophecies, warnings and reminders) is in editing. While waiting the editing to finish, I manged to write my third book “My Conversation with God Against Satan ” sub title “My Diary in Seven Days plus miscellaneous prose and poetry. madamo na ako nasulat nga binalaybay nga Inilonggo kag gusto ko man nga mapublish sa pila ka adlaw dira sa Iloilo. gusto ko tani magjoin sa Ilonggo writers group kon may ara.

  6. You can visit to my newly constructed website (www.lauriescreations). I am sharing my poetry and you look at my books. You can leave your comments in the guestbook and forum. Gusto ko man eshare and akon binalaybay. May nasulat ako subra 20.

    Dughan gabukolbukol
    Sa sulod gadinaguldol
    Kag ang kainit sang iya gugma
    Daw kalayo nga nagadabadaba
    Gani dapat gid ini aton halungan
    kay daw baha nga indi mapunggan.

    Didto sa kapehan
    Ila sumsuman mga tsismisan.

    Bulan, bituon kag adlaw
    Tanan sila gakaladlaw
    Kay may nakadasma
    Didto sa suba
    Tungod indi sya kakita
    Kay iya mata puno sang muta.

    By: Laureana Cacho Sheppard

  7. If you’re in Negros Occidental, hie off to the Tana Dikang Museum in Talisay City. There you can read binalaybay’s printed on canvas and hanging from the ceiling. The mansion itself is a must-see among the tourist attractions of the city.

  8. Literature and Lies: Writing, Writers and Wastebaskets

    Tentative date for a French salon and English pub-themed writing and writers’ tete-a-tete is last week of April. Venue: Prima City, Dumangas, Iloilo.

    Prima City is a three-story commercial building with a pool that’s owned by transgressive Ilonggo writer, Peter Solis Nery. Nery is now based in Los Angeles, California.

    This is not your run-of-the-mill workshop where participants’ works are discussed by a dogmatic panel. We reverse the process: When you come to the workshop you come ready with your own writing method. You talk about how this method applies to your own writing experience. For proof, you site your pieces (poetry, essay, play, blog, art work, etc) as examples. We react to your pieces using our own writing process so we learn from one another. We don’t believe nor subscribe to any school of writing.

    We have invited two English language specialists to take up issues on usage: Randolph Graydon, from Baltimore, USA, and Brian Daily, a British- Canadian. Their job is to react to how you work with the English language and offer points for improvement. If you write in Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a and Filipino, we have other invited writers to help you with that: Mel F. Turao, Roger Rueda, among others.

    Prospect attendees are college students, fresh graduates, young professionals, bloggers, musicians, artists, book worms, nerds, mad scientists, couch potatoes, movie junkies, journalists and English/literature teachers, who want to have a hands-on experience with how writing is produced by writers themselves. The discussions aren’t strictly academic as there are readings and performances in between the sessions. Wine, beer and cocktails will be served.

    How to join

    Send your softcopy originals (poetry, essay/blog entry, short story, play and a combination of these) in Arial 14, double space to Please include a 4-paragraph bio. We accept applications until 19 April.

    Your works will be pre-screened. Discounts will be given to applicants whose works show promise.

    Admission fee is PhP 600 for students and PhP 1000 for fresh graduates and professionals. Your fee covers drinks, food and reading materials.

    For more details, drop a word for Mel on twitter (baconbriefs) and

  9. Hi Laureana,

    It’s Ph P 1000 for the 5-day affair. The last word from Peter Solis Nery is, he wants to know how fussy are the participants about their accommodation. Prima City isn’t a first rate hotel nor is it pension house. But there are rooms for men and women, that’s certain.

    You have more than enough time left to send in your work samples. Please send them to my email address:

    Warm regards.


  10. I really love to join this 5 day affair. It doesn’t matter the accommodation as I was born there and I know thw reality of life in our country as this is the part of my writing. The most important the event will be enjoyed and be learned by everyone. As I have said, I love to meet Ilonggo writers professional & non proffessional, young and old writers. I want to share my writings as I already inspired many people of different nationalities around the world. I discovered this gift through sleepless nights and my dreams when I am sleeping. I can’t explain, sometimes I dream the two lines of a poem then when I woke up I would write it in my dream diary but my pen won’t stop until I finish the poem and I could still write more poems that morning and I felt as if I am still dreaming. As of now my third book is about to be published as I am already in the communication with my publisher. Hoping to have the proof/copy before I fly to the Philippines last week of April. My first book was published in December 2006 in the UK. The editing of my second book “The Messages of My Dreams” which is my Dream Diary (prophecies, warnings & reminders) was delayed that’s why I managed to write my third book “The Messages, Conversation With God Against Satan” My Diary in Seven Days (2nd miscellaneaous prose & poetry book) and was edited and proof read by another editor. Hope to meet my fellow Ilonggo writers.

  11. It looks like you have a writing career going well for yourself. As you may well know, the blight of writers young and old in the Philippines is the slow pace of publishing.

    Book publishing being a business, people have pronounced reservations about putting out new names. So publishers bank on popular and “tested” writers whose book sales can result in a break even, at least.

    But the Internet changes the rules of the game. Thanks to free blogging sites. I believe there are far too many talented young writers out there who’re just waiting to be discovered.

    However, what happens is there is an overt effort by a few circle of writers to institutionalize (read monopolize) the writing scene. This goes as far as institutionalizing public taste. We’ve seen and experienced first hand how “other” forms of writing were being pushed around and bullied as “not up” to their taste.

    Thus, we have literature and lies for theme.

  12. Writing is like food with different taste. You can’t compare your work to others. Every one is unique in its own way.It happened to me before when I first joined in the some have negative comments, others constructive critism. Those negative comments were my challenges to improve my writing and was able to write my first book of 424 pages. There is someone an American who told me that my poem is patriotic, wrong spelling and grammar & more insults he wrote. I asked him if how many languages he speaks, “only one” I can still sell you as I can speak and understand 5 dialects (Ilongaloglish) with a bit of Cebuano/Waray and some Spanish. Many appreciate that poem and they contradicted his review to my writing. Since then he did not review my work anymore.

  13. There you go. Now we have loads of things to talk about when you get here. Ive been writing since ’93, but have always remained on the fringe. I like writing from the margin–you get a commanding view of what’s going on.

    Someone has taken interest in my poetry, says he’ll find me a publisher. Now, between a book of poems and a stash of pounds I’d certainly wager everything for the latter. Pardon my crudeness, but people can’t eat a book of poetry. What I’m driving at is, while I’m excited to have a collection of prose and poetry with my name, I need to have a decent life. Poetry can’t give me this, unfortunately.

    But I don’t let up. In the Philippines, and in Iloilo most of all, you’ll die with your eyeballs turned up and glazed when you write full time. Which is why Peter Nery took to nursing.

    Ironically, I write full time. It’s my means to survival. I write online on a per project basis and there are dire times, I must admit. Such as now.

  14. We need money but it’s not only money that will make us happy. Writing is my inspiration and if it will inspire others it doubles s my inspirations and happinwss and if we make money with our writing triple/loads and loads of happines. Sharing my writing is my happiness. In writing we have to be patient as I believe everything has its own time. Failures are the steps to climb on the mountain of success. If bad things happen, are the reasons to have lessons.

  15. I’m back to UK, back to normal together with my hubby and teenager daughters. How are you there in Iloilo? Hope everything is alright. I am still recovering from a long journey and heat hot there in our country.

  16. Back to the daily grind. That is, back into the choking arms of harsh reality. I plan to hold another poetry slam sometime in July. Hope it takes off. I’ve no full time work yet, and I’m considering getting into mainstream journalism or teaching–again. Whichever comes first.

    As usual the weather down here is punishing. While it occasionally pours in Metro Manila Iloilo remains as dry and scorching as the Sahara.

    I’m sending my portfolio to the Manchester Poetry Prize soon. Would you know how much is 15 pounds in Philippine peso? That’s the reading fee, not including postal.

    All the best for you and your family. Please drop me a note through my email–if you can find time.

    Best regards,


  17. It’s good to have a poetry slam every month if you can do it, if not even only quarterly. You can published a book through the contribution of those who attend. I’m happy to contribute and share my writing(English or tagalog) a halo halo or sari-sari writing would be great. My editor of my third book is asking me to have a combine poetry book as I’m Christian and she is Buddhism but I’m still concentrating to final checking of my second book, my publisher is waiting for my manuscript. Keep in touch and please send me message direct to my email. (

  18. We can have a hiligaynon poetry book (binalaybay &luha/luwa) if you can have a regular poetry slam. Tell me the date and I will send mine through email and you can read it there in behalf of me.

  19. ARAGAY KANAMIT!!!!! (the way gays make love)………. basaha niyo gid ni ha…..


    : These obscene words are not suitable for very young readers. Parental Guidance is highly recommended…. WWWHHAAATTT????

    : Ang tulang ito ay para sa lahat. Sa pagnanais kong ibahagi ang karanasan ng mga “BAKLA” sa isang Delightful Bonus which is “SEX”.

    Sadtong maka tilingil nga kagab – ihon,
    sa atubang sang mga abyan ga ugyon.
    Kasadya, istorya, barangisi ang ubra,
    sa kadulom, redhorse kag mani ang upod sang gitara.

    Pagkatapos sang kuris kuris nga pangalipay,
    Ang tanan, nagpadulong sa tagsa tagsa ka panimalay.
    Samtang ga lingin ang ulo nga daw turnilyo,
    si palangging ga alalay, pakadto sa iya kwarto.

    Sang nakit – an ang kama,
    ako naghigda insigida.
    Ga dasig ang kudog ka dughan,
    Gakabalaka kay basi pagahimuslan.

    Daw indi gid ko mapahamtang,
    Paminsaron, kung diin diin ga dalagan.
    “Sige na! Sige na! kita lang si ho nga duwa”.
    “Ay abaw! Teh ano matulukay lang ta?”

    Ang kamot sang orasan ga paltik paltik,
    Pagahulaton si palangging nga mag una itik.
    Apang sa sini nga bahin, “THE LONG WAIT IS OVER”
    kay iyang mga kamot, ga lumbid na sa akon SHOULDERS.

    Ako ga palang – init, nga daw sa gin bulad nga pinakas,
    sang iya gin sugdan ang kagab – ihon, sang may paghimakas.
    Iyang lawas daw kaangay, sang kan – on nga bag – o lang gin sukad,
    kag sa akon likod kaga batyagan ang pusog nga buad – ad.

    Ako dali dali nga nag atubang,
    Dayon siling, “Gusto ko na magka subang”.
    Iya sabat “Kung pwede pagahimu – on ta apat?”.
    Kuno abi, ako, may matres kag birat!.

    Daw gulpi nag pundo, akon ginhawa,
    Sang kalawasan nako, gin lamutak na!.
    Samtang akong galamay, gapangalihid kung diin ang saway,
    Nakasiyagit ako” ARAGAY!” kay daw may ga pangutot nga subay.

    Subong, akon na turno, para mag perform,
    Akon siya gin pahigda, para daw ka sagunson.
    MAGICAL TONGUE nako, ga lagaw from HEAD to TOE,
    Sang nadakpan ang saway, nangakig ang ulo – ulo.

    Pagkatapos gin hungit, kag sa alingagngag nagkalasangit,
    Akon sungad na muypoy, sang nasaburan ang kapait.
    Sa sini nga agwada, ako iya gin pa posisiyon,
    Ang paghapa iya suhistiyon, para padayon nag ugayong.

    Siyado ka brutal, ang iya pag ayod,
    Matyagan ko, daw nagkalapaksi, ang panit sa akon tuhod.
    Mga kagamitan, pati ulunan nagkalasamaran,
    Nabusdik ang banggirahan, gaka sikaran ang bulugasan.

    Kasakit, Kahapdi, Kakalam ang gakabatyagan,
    Pagkatapos pautwas, daw gin torture ang kalawasan.
    Higop anay kaldo, para maka dugang isa,
    Kita mapa namit namit, liwaton ta sugod sa umpisa.

  20. HI sir JP gapangita ko tani piece written in Hiligaynon, this is inconnection of my reporting sa lit 1. BTW Im Darby Basilan and a student of UPV- Miagao campus taking up BA Psychology. Its an optional presentation, it might be a reporting type or having a guest speaker who is a literary writer and be the one to discuss in our class his life, work, recognitions recieved basta anything about you. Im asking for you permission if i can have the copy of “AYHAN” or im inviting you on our class to be a Guest speaker if its ok with you. hoping for you positive responce. Thank you in advance !!!

  21. Darby,

    Salamat sa interes mo sa akon binalaybay. but i have to warn you that “ayhan” is riddled with wrong spellings. Sang ginsulat ko ina, pa-chamba lang ako sa spelling. what i did was to write the way i hear it spoken by myself. gani damo sala. but now, nagabasa na ako hiligaynon bible to learn the correct spelling so that now i know nga damo ina sala ang ayhan. I’ll go back to it para i-correct, but not now. pero thank you for your interest. otherwise, indi ko makita. it’s been years since i read the poem again.

    I am in Pasig City right now so I can’t possibly come to your class to be a guest speaker. But even if I were in Iloilo, I don’t think I could be a reliable resource person. Use whatever poem you like to use with the same caviat on spelling. Thank you for asking permission. and good luck to you.

  22. hay gina basa ko imo binalaybay daw ga piyok piyok gid ko ka kadlaw. nasal an ako sa akon ka opisina nga buang kay ano kuno ang ako ginakadlaw. hahahhaha

  23. I really wish to learn hiligaynon! I used to live in Iloilo until I was six and i could still understand some and say short sentences. My wish is to learn to speak and write the language beautifully.

  24. Pingback: Iloy | tumandok

  25. good day, may i ask permission to copy your binalaybay piece for my nephew kay maintra sya sa contest sa ila nga school this coming September.thanks in advance.

  26. Hello po…i really, really need a piece of binalaybay…about sa pangako sayo… first time ko pong sasali…please…

  27. 5yo bata ko need ya binalaybay.. may gin ubra ko nga isa kaso indi sa kasampot.
    ti, gin islan ko nlng funny conversation nmon gn ubra ko binalaybay..para hapos sa iya.

    Malapit na ang eksamin
    Sa eskwelahan kung sa diin
    Ako magakwa eksamin
    Kabay pa ako makapasar. Amen.

    Wala adlaw nga wala ginapukaw
    Aga, gab-i si Mama pakadto pakari
    Pwerte himo sang mga tulun-an
    Para ako mahapusan sang akon tun-an

    Kung indi kabalo, ara imo…
    Isa ka tambak nga mga libro
    Ang e preparar sa imo
    Dios ko! daw mabuka ang akon ulo

    Apang ang hambal ni Mama…
    Sige lang ‘ga ah, kaya mo na, para sa ekonomiya!
    Ang hambal ko…
    Kaya ah? para kay Ma’am Ongchua!

    Hala pangamuyo wala, tuo
    Tuon diri, tuon didto
    Syempre may lakot pa, nga hampang ko…
    Basta hambal ni Mama…may salig ako sa imo.

    Ang hambal ko, Kaya ko ito!

  28. Iloy

    Sa pagsaulog sining kahiwatan
    Tanan nga Iloy ang ginapasidunggan
    Ang tanan nga iya binuhatan
    Para sa kaayuhan sang iya kabataan

    Pulaw bugtaw ang iya inagyan
    Mahatag lang ang mga kinahanglan
    Dapat guid naton pasalamatan
    Kay ang kakapoy wala ya nabatyagan

    Apang may mga kabataan
    Ang pag-ulikid indi na mahibaluan
    Daw ano kasakit ang nabatyagan sang dughan
    Sang iloy nga ginpatumbayaan

    Pero indi tanan masarangan antuson
    Sang isa ka iloy nga mapainubuson
    Kung kaisa bisan sala pa naton
    Indi ya makaya nga batason

    Agud ang pagpasalamat ila mabatyagan
    Respeto, pagpalangga ipabatyag sa ila tanan
    Ang pamilya dapat naton ulikdan
    Kay ini manggad sang tagsa ka kabataan.

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