Fridays are exciting.

But not in a town, Pilar (in the Province of Capiz, Panay island, Philippines), like mine.

Friends are either busy with their family or in some other parts of the world preparing for the family they plan to build.

At 8 in the evening, the streets are empty. Occasionally, silence is shattered by trucks carrying sugar cane (during milling season) and by those who pass by wobbling and shouting garbled and drunk sentences on the way home.

There are occasional dancing held in the barangay basketball court fenced with bamboos a day before. Those who want to dance under the colored lights in the middle of the court have to pay around twenty to fifty pesos at the gate.

On nights like this, domestic helpers are excited. They cook dinner few hours earlier.

Just around dinner time, a neighbor’s gardener or aide fetches the maid who shyly excuses herself from her boss. The boss’ wife bids her good luck and assures the maid she will take care of the dishes and all.

On nights like this, babies are accidentally made: in darkness under banana leaves between banana roots, under the pointing leaves and between rows of sugarcane plantation, between white tombs on the carpet of cemetery vines, on squeaking tables in the dark and unguarded class rooms, under the shrubbery and anywhere else where a man and a woman could lay undisturbed.

On nights like this also, the sand could turn to crimson.

Men would hack each other as butcher to a pig. One caught another glaring at him, or at his companion, or asked his partner for a dance, or a million other reasons that may not even justify the killing of an animal.

The police arrive; the dancing halts and the people go home.

A day or two after, people spade sand to cover the crimson sand. The fences are removed and every thing goes back to normal except for the family of the dead.

The coffin will be sponsored by the mayor and the necrological services by the local officials.

Neighbors and friends gather in the home of the bereaved family–to play poker, lucky 9, tong-its, and mahjong. Some of them, especially the children, literally live in the house even long after the body is burried. There, the meals are free.

The public market and the coffee shops open around four in the morning. If a man was punched last night at the dance, he is stabbed when the news leaves the market or the coffee shops. Or, when the victim is hospitalized, he is dead when the news enters the homes.

There are no newspapers. Few have radio frequency telephone although almost all have cell phones.

The construction of public buildings outlasts the full terms of the officials who initiate them. We have an unfinished market, a town hall with skeletons extending like flagpoles on top of the building; inside the old town plaza, a covered gym without walls and with a stage and a basketball court which serves also as the dump and fire trucks’ garage.

In Pilar, squatters are not only tolerated. They are welcomed. They constitute voters which mean money for the land owners during elections. As to the secrecy of votes? No secret remains forever. Tenants know this and they have two choices: to vote for the person the land lord compels them to or to gabot (uproot) the columns of their huts.

The landlords live in cities. Most of them have acquired vast tracts of land thru inheritance. The tenants do not pay rent. Occasionally though, the land lord demands for eggs, chicken, ducks, or a goat; a bunch or two of bananas, and other produce. And of course, their vote during elections.

Wednesday is the local market day. The road by the side of the market is close to vehicle traffic. Merchants from different parts of the province lay their wares along the road by the side of the market. From kitchen utensils and hair braids to any thing a person can imagine, including those that he cannot imagine, are there.

But the most popular among the goods are the garbage from other countries: clothes, curtains, bed sheets, rags, etc., that are sold to local folks in low prices that could be lowered still depending upon the buyer’s skill at haggling. These articles are laid in heaps. Then, like flies on a piece of cake, people feast upon them, flipping, digging under to find that piece perfect for the self, husband, son, daughter, bed, pillow, window, etc.

Around 10 in the morning, these articles are laid out. In observance of the unwritten “first come first serve” rule, government employees, around the same time, race to the market to get hold of the best.

Public school teachers, led by the school principal, are the most notorious among them.

Pilar celebrates it’s fiesta on the 8th Sunday after the Easter Sunday.

The highlight of the fiesta is the mass celebrated by the Bishop of the diocese of Capiz, the reenactments of the tagbuan before that mass and the battle of Balisong right after.

The town celebrates its annual feast along with the coming of the sacred Santisima Trinidad (The Holy Trinity), an early 18th century wooden figure from Mexico found by local fishermen in the shores of the town during the British invasion of the Philippines in 1762. The figurine was said to be brought over to the Pacific by a Galleon trading ship from the port of Acapulco, Mexico which was destroyed by British warships during its route in Luzon and was washed off to the coast of Pilar. It is now still visible at the altar of the town’s church, the Parish of the Most Holy Trinity (source).

Tagbuan is the reenactment of that “coming” but this time set on the water few kilometers away from the shore. The parish priest, his assistants, seminarians, and the faithful ride in the boats of the fishermen who participate in this event to win favor from God, or the god of the sea, to bring them abundant catch. This is also the time where artificial reef projects are blessed and sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

As to the Battle of Balisong: Long ago, locals refused to surrender to the Spanish (the Philippines was colonized by Spain for 300 years until the late part of the nineteenth century). They fought it out in the Battle of Balisong, a hill located between one of the caves and the sea. The rebels were on top of the hill. They were however armed only with bolos and few muskets and they were low in ammunition. When the Spaniards were about to overrun their camp, the rebels rolled trunk of trees larger and, in diameter, taller than their enemies. Like most of the Filipino-Spanish battles however, the rebels were defeated.

The highlight of the battle is the rolling of the trunks which is celebrated as the triumph of local ingenuity.

Come the first Saturday of each month, people from all around the island (Panay) gather on Agtalin Hill. On Agtalin Hill, about four kilometers from the town, stands the fifty foot concrete statue of the Virgin Mary with arms outstretched, palms open just over her legs. The statue was designed and molded by a non-catholic. The face looks like that of a woman I don’t want to be my mother’s, and the palms like that of a construction worker. Even if all her life a woman takes care of her children and do household chores, her palms would not be as thick and as wide as those on top of the hill.

To use the colony of ants may not be too much a methapor for the number of people present, and the number of the vehicles they leave by the high way forming a line that stretches for kilometers.

There are however those who visit the hill on first Saturdays for purposes other than to pray. The road leading to the top of the hill is almost closed to traffic like that road by the market on Wednesdays. But there are things one can find on the hill on Saturdays not found in the market on Wednesday. One of them is the line of tables each equipped with weighing scales, a bolo, a chopping board, and lechon (roasted pig) chopped for sale.

Summer and Christmas seasons relieve boredom. People get to see young and pretty girls on vacation walk the streets, dive beaches and visit their dead. In other times, there are only the mothers and the grandmothers.

There are young female teachers and students from public schools and a State University. It is however a different experience seeing the young and pretty girls on vacation.

I heard about three water falls in the mountains of Pilar. I regret not to have visited any of them yet. When my brother returns for a vacation from a technical job in Saudi Arabia, I will dive in those waters.

This is the town I grew up in.

This is Pilar, Capiz.


75 thoughts on “Overview

  1. ang ganda ng pagka salaysay mo kaso lang di mo man lang hinaluan ng TAGALOG…I experience in na nag lalason sila ng mga turista dyan at sila na rin mismo ang nanggamot para kumita… kaya pag naliogo na kami dyan nag dadala na talaga kami ng sariling tubig para di na bumili pa sa tindahan…maganda ang lugar yan kaso lang maraming MOTO…

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  3. Anay alkalde gin-reklamo sang pagpamahog sang traffic auxillary sa Capiz

    Tuesday, 22 November 2011 23:49

    ROXAS CITY – Liwat nabutang sa kontrobersiya ang pangalan sang anay alkalde sang banwa sang Pilar, Capiz matapos i-reklamo sang isa ka traffic auxillary sang pagpamahog kag paggabut sang armas.

    Sa interview sang Bombo Radyo kay Raymond Bolana 22-anyos sang Barangay Tiza, Roxas City, ginpahayag sini nga ginpalapitan niya ang salakyan ni ex Mayor Gideon ”Ike” Patricio nga naka-park sa nalikod nga bahin sang City Square sa Legaspi St., Roxas City para ipahanumdum nga indi ini ang parking area para sa mga salakyan.

    Apang ginkakibot ni Bolana ang pagtaas sang tingog sang anay alkalde kasunod sang pagpamahog sa iya nga ipa-relieve ini sa iya trabaho.

    Wala pa nakuntento si Patricio kag ginduro duro pa sini ang traffic auxillary kasunod ang paggabut sang 9mm pistol.

    Sa tuman nga huya nga nabatyagan bangud madamo sang tricycle drivers sa palibot kag sa kahadluk nga nabatyagan nagbiya na lamang ini sa lugar kag ginpadulungan ang talatapan sang iya superior.

    Sa pagpati nga maabtan pa si Patricio nag-upod ang mga officers ni Bolana, apang wala na ang salakyan sang anay alkalde sa area.

    Samtang, hugot naman nga ginpanginwala ni Patricio ang akusasyon sang traffic auxillary.

    Ginpahayag sini nga indi niya personal nga kilala si Bolana kag wala sang pagpamahog ukon paggabut sang armas nga natabo, bangud wala siya nag-park sang salakyan sa ginatumod nga lugar nga ginluntaran sang insedente.

    Apang gin-ako sini nga nagpadulong siya sa Hall of Justice agud istoryahon ang abugado, may kaangtanan sa ginpasaka nga kaso sa iya ni retired judge Roger Patricio kag anak nga si judge Hannibal Patricio.

    Ginklaro sini nga indi man sila magkaupod sang asawa nga si Pilar Mayor Ritalyn Patricio sa salakyan sang magpadulong sa syudad sang Roxas bangud may yara man sila tagsa ka mga salakyan

    BUGTAW MGA TAGA PILAR…Baw kalouy man sa inyo..

  4. ang PNP chief and police men protector ni Ike. may partida sila sa kwarta…and kapitan sa brngy. Olalo ang Silvestre Pilar my partida man nga kwarta sa minahan… Si Rita naga hipos lang ky protector man sya… Ipa Bombo radyo ta! Imbistigaran ang mga protector… Indi insakto..si Ike lang kag iya pamilya naga enjoy sa milyonis nga kita sa minahan.. kwarta man ina sang banwa sang Pilar… Kaluoy ang mga ultimo nga imul sa Pilar..Ipa Bombo Radyo ta!

  5. Dating mayor ng Pilar nahaharap sa pinakaunang environmental case sa Capiz dahil sa pagmimina
    Posted under news,regional,visayas by migs on Monday 12 September 2011 at 9:06 am

    (RMN- ROXAS) NAHAHARAP sa kasong paglabag sa probisyon ng Republic Act 7076 o People’s Small-scale Mining Act of 1991 ang dating alkalde ng Pilar, Capiz na si Former Mayor Gideon Ike Patricio, sinasabing proprietor / may ari ng Morcita Mining Engineering Services and Enterprises at asawa ng kasalukuyang alkalde ng nasabing bayan na si Mayor Ritalyn Patricio .

    Ito ang unang Environmental Case sa lalawigan ng Capiz na isinampa sa Sixth Judicial Region Regional Trial Court at tumatayong complainant sina Retired Judge Roger Patricio at Atty. Roy Villa , dating Vice Mayor ng Pilar.

    Sa naturang kaso inilahad ng mga complainant ang nais na injunction sa operasyon ng pagmimina sa Barangay Olalo at Silvestre Pilar at Prayer for Temporary Environmental Protection Order and Writ of Preliminary Injunction dahil ang ginagawa ng naturang kumpaniya ay isa ring paglabag sa ordinance no. 6 ng Capiz na nagdedeklara ng 15 years mining moratorium na sa kalaunan ay naging 50 years at sa ibinabang executive order ni Governor Victor Tanco Sr. na nagbabawal sa anumang mining operation at exploration sa lalawigan.

    Dagdag pa rito ang kawalan ng permit mula sa Provincial Mining Regulatory Board.

    Napag-alaman na patuloy ang operasyon ng Morcita simula pa noong taong 2007 at imbolbado ito sa mga mining activities kagaya na lamang ng land clearing , prospecting , exploring, drilling, excavating, extracting , pagbebenta at pag transport ng mga minerals tulad ng sulfur, copper ore , iron at manganese ore sa Pilar .

  6. korek gd guys.. super ang politics sa pilar, kung sin o malapit sa luwag amu ang gina una ahahahahaha..tested and proven gd…..pakilalakilala gli yah.. dapat popular kah…ahahahaha…

  7. Na miss ko sa Pilar ang mga buang.Nga a halos tanan didto nga pamilya may pariente gid nga buang?Indi bala dong ka agi ka naman buang?Bisan si Anthony bag o nag mayad ni sya sulat nag buang man anay. T Kung mag binuang kita dire wala gid matabo.Pag pululi kamo dito kag mag plastar sang mga plano nyo.Cheers!

  8. Hi, Maria Pinky! Thank you for leaving your comment. Baw a. Daw na-guilty man ako sa pagsulat sini nga malaba nga article kay daw ang pagbasa mo sini ang rason kon ngaa ka-nostalgic sang comment mo.

    If you left Pilar to Manila before 9 Oct 1980, wasn’t born then.

    Sa diin kamo anay sa Pilar? Kami sa Rosario. Lapit sa patyo kag tulay.

  9. I miss Pilar very much! I was born and lived there until we moved in Manila in 1980, I was 11 years old then, napakaraming memories ang nasa isip ko about Pilar.I miss everything about Pilar and still praying and wishing that someday I can go back there again…

  10. hey you.oo nga naman puro english dumodugo ang nose ko,msta na ang mga taga casanayan sina ,tawi at sandra cunada.Minda at botbot.nahidlaw nagid ako da sa inyo ang mga morines family sa calobihan…GOD BLESS YOU!!!!@

  11. Hi, ma’am, sir,
    I’m not a pure pilarenyo, but I’m very concerned when it comes to its development.Maybe its because it’s the home of my forefathers. I heard much about the way how our politicians were & are doing “THEIR DUTY”. I can’t imagine/believe why up to now in these modern times (so many pilarenyos are abroad of course w/ enough knowledge to observe & understand how democracy more or less is being practiced ) that our politicians & the common people still don’t change their mentality when it comes to exercising their rights , duties, obligations & responsibilities. I’m trying to avoid to believe everything what I hear about our politicians (how cruel & tyrants) they are.
    Hope to hear some opinions, ideas, comments & infomation about this topic.

    I’m just curious.

  12. omg. hay! sila man gyapon da ang nag da ug. ma ayo sini ya indi sagi salig sa mga politico kay bisan sin o da ang mag pungko. hay, amo man na gyapon. bakas ka ya sang imo.. to, indi sagi hisa kay amo gid na nga wala ta ga asenso. indi pag bantaye ang ikog sang iban. politics ni ya, never end there’s alway good & bad where ever you go. material makes you crave more…mahambal kolang da sa migo kag miga ko sa ebabaw sang tore, take care lang da kay tay juan nga naga gulo gitara kag ga inom tuba da sa babay,, a.. hu o gali buhi pa si nay concencia…? regards na lang sa tanan nga tagapilar dugay na gid wala ko ka puli. miss u all guys:D … yuta tuli…!!!

  13. JP, I forgot to end my note with my best wishes that you will succeed more in your legal career as well as your journalistic endeavour! Keep on writing, keep all of us enlightened!
    Thanks forever…

  14. Hi JP,

    Nagpuli ko da sa Pilar sang May 19->June 18, 2010. NagpaManila ako tapos nagbalik ko di sa Fresno sang June 22. Hay kasubo sang akon panglakaton pero nalipay man ko nga nakita ko most of the relatives, specially my gravely ill brother who made his final journey to the eternal home.
    Sang ara ko da sa Pilar, baw…hidlaw gid ako magrecollect sang akon nga childhood. I feel like Pilar was EDEN, the most blest town in Capiz because we have the sea and the mountains close by! Subu-an gid ako sang akon nakita! Ang isa sang mga matahom nga scenery, pagguwa mo sa simbahan…ang baybayon sang Pilar ginatakpan na sang UGLY monstrous building! Nano nga pagunlad ina? Tani nagkuha ang administration sing arkitecto nga may pagtamod sa pagpreservar sang katahom sang aton banwa! There is a total disregard for the natural resources of our town…another example was the trawl fishing that happened way back when, depriving our townspeople of the wealth of our sea! Madamo ang mga pumuluyo nga nagakadto sa baybay para manginhas o mamunit…karon wala na!
    Baw!!! Daku gid ginbag-o sang aton banwa, I feel that we did not progress! Madamo matuod ang nag-ulomwad nga pamilya kay may swerte and ila miyembro nga nakakita sing palangitan-an sa abroad pero ang kalabanan sang nabilin, hay patay-patay gid!
    Nga-a man nga ang mayor & family sang aton banwa nagminanggaranon pero ang aton nga banwa imol gihapon? Pila ang ginasweldo sang Mayor nga sila lang ang nagmanggaranon? Huo mangagaran sila pero kon indi bangod sang ila gahom sa pulitika daw indi gid posible nga amo gid na ang pagdako sang ila manggad!
    There is a saying that when a high tide comes in, all the boats in the shallow water float to its suppose water level; hay ngaa kon may good times nga nagatinabo sa Pilar, isa lang ka baroto ang nakabenipisyo? Lugdang man gihapon ang kalabanan sa aton?
    Ang ginapangamuyo ko nga ang mga kasimanwa naton magpili sang mga tawo nga magadumala sang banwa naton para sa pag-unlad sang bilog nga banwa, kag ginapangamuyo ko man nga ang mga nagadumala sang aton nga banwa may honesty and decency to really work for the common good…the good of the whole community not their own pockets!

  15. The people of Pilar have already spoken. They know that it is only during the time of former mayor Gideon Ike Patricio and the present mayor Ritalyn Patricio that Pilar have some improvements seen by the naked eyes. Kung nasaksihan nyo lang sang una ang situasyon sang Pilar sang nagligad nga administrasyon, ang aton karsada daw di mapuslan, at least for now my gamay nga pagbag-o. And I am putting my trust to Mayor Rita Patricio that she will continue to improve Pilar and maybe do something about those troublemakers who in some ways nagadalahig sa ila sa mga kontrobersya.

  16. Joemar if you’ve been a councilor for 92-98,Hows ex-mayor perez asa mayor?Can you tell something about him?

  17. pilar is the nice place for me.but somtimes i fell im not comfortable dont no y..seguro isa sa mga reason ang palakat sa governo db kung fer lang tani ang palakat sang governo seguro asenso na ang pilar….galing wala gd personal na interest gusto nila db…

  18. Roberto,

    Unti Fe is in Iloilo. She is working there as an OBGYN. If I am not mistaken she is connected with Iloilo Provincial Hospital. She has her own clinic in La Paz, near Gaisano City, also. She has a facebook account although I doubt if she visits it.

    Thank you for leaving comment and encouragement.

  19. Graduate ako ng elementary sa Pilar,,,but after graduation nagpunta na ako sa Manila….Since 1960, three times lang ako nakapauli dira.

    I believed kamaganak din kita kasi madalas din ako sa bahay ninyo sa Lagubang, nagabisita kami kay Manang Huling,….

    Oo nga pala diin na yanda si Unti Fe mo,,,kaklase ko siya sa Elementary….Please response to may email para makumusta ko naman siya…sana sooner ha….thanks….

    Diri ako yanda sa San Diego, California…..God Bless you JP….continue on writing ha….malayo ang mararating mo…

  20. hi.., im searching my old friend name Prince june Contreras from poblacion capiz, regards na lang sa kanya….

  21. I love to read your article . It reminds me of my father’s life . The place were he grew up . Now the place is different .

    Groeten uit Holland .




  23. I agreed Marcos the great dictator is gone but now another dictator & becoming a Trapo is rising in the name of IKE & RITA PATRICIO. When RITA wins next to run is IKE again. Pilarenio will have to accept that wheter they like it or not. Ike & RITA would not let go what they have today & yesterday. Thats why they have a lot of goons for thier future. I hope MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE will not happen in Pilar. But if somebody gives a good fight who knows there would be a PILAR MASSACRE too. KAWAWA KAYO MGA KA PILARENIO KO SANA MATOTO NA KAYO NGAYONG ELEKSYON. Not for me as im not a voter of Pilar anymore. Kon mag sige kamo patonto kay IKE kag RITA nasa inyo na ina.


  24. Hi JP,
    Matuod gid ina, wala ka pa sato matawo kay si tatay mo soltero pa, kung pansin mo isa si tatay mo nag bunyag sa akon sang burahak kay daw si lola soling kuno ako. Ang memories ko sang Pilar is very limited kay after elementary sa roxas na ako nag high school then sa manila nag college, naka estar pa ako sa balay ni auntie syang upod nila auntie araceli. My formative years were greatly influenced by your family amd I’m very grateful for it.
    Nalipay gid ako sang imo idea mag post sang blog kay very informative para sa aton mga kasimanwa and give us a chance to reconnect to our roots, hope and pray nga sa paagi sang imo blog the future generation will appreciate the beauty of Pilar. Kung ang diktadorya sa Pilipinas natapos na, mangamuyo kita nga ang Pilar mahilway man sa mga indi maayo nga leader para matilawan man sang Pilareno ang kauswagan. Keep up the good work, don’t bother about those who critize your opinion as you can do better than what they thought. Lolo Tikyo is surely proud of you…

  25. Burahak,

    Huo. ‘tsakto ka sa mga tawo nga ginpangmitlang mo. Siguro nagkit-anay man kita didto sa lagubang ugaling wala pa gakilalhanay. Ukon, masyado pa kita ka bata.

    Puwede man nga wala pa ako sato matawo kag ikaw elementary na.

    Damo pa ako luyag isulat parti sa Pilar. Luyag ko nga ang blog nga ini mangin biography nia. Apang, siempre, magakinahanglan sang malawig nga mga tinuig. Wala ko kahibalo I might not even see the day all my dreams come true.


  26. Hi Jp,
    Excellent idea to open a blog about Pilar. Iwas born in Pilar, left after elementary. I’m glad you have a million information about our hometown to share with our kasimanwas like me who did not have the chance to explore the beauty of Pilar. I wonder if you are Uncle Pahot’s son? Your lolo is my lolo tikyo too.
    As a kid I used to go to Lagubang and Baybay.
    God Bless!!!

  27. I’ve been through a lot of towns in the philippines as my work required but worst is Pilar. This is my hometown where i born & grew up. I agreed with Mr. Cunada The moderator of this site that pilar is a nice place to live BUT that is if you are a friend of MAYOR IKE PATRICIO if not alot of goons bother you just like your living in time of MARTIAL LAW. He got a goons named YURAK he lives with your money, with out your money he dies. He is the best when it comes to EXTORTION. If you have no money he will accept chicken, fish etc & up to goats just to support his mistresses in San Nicolas.Bantay dagat is the worst team too. You are free to do dynamite fishing if you are a friend & give something to the administration or goons as required monthly by mayor ike. I dont endorse any politicians as i think they are all the same. but please vote wisely. This is for all of you not for me as i am now out of MY BELOVED PILAR

  28. Gentleman,

    Greetings, I hope you would post also to your blog on what is going on in Pilar in terms of politics. I know Patricio’s making a lot of dirty politics in Pilar. So just to be fair please tell everybody of what kind of politics we have in Pilar. Mamatay tayo na si patricio ang mayor ng Pilar. Mark my word.

  29. HEy… husto ko lang magkomento.

    Tagal na rin mula nang huli ako mapadpad sa tahanan ng mama ko, ang Pilar.

    Grabe, nakaka-miss ang lugar at sana isang araw maka-balik rin ako jan.

    Unga pala, taga-San Nicholas kami.
    At syempre lam ng lahat ang kilalang pamilya dun, mga Barrio (Barrios gamit ng ibang kaanak). At saka kamusta na rin sa mga Villanueva jan….

    damu salamat, tama ba? hindi kasi ako laki jan hehehe…

  30. Dennis,

    You misspelled my brother’s name. It is “AZ”. Huo, tandaan ta ka. gamay pa ako sadto ga kadto kamo sa balay.

    Salamat sa pagbisita sa blog kag sa pagpabatyag.

  31. hi,
    just to let you know that I was so happy to read your little article. It was year 1985 when I graduated in PSPC Pilar. Since then I never get a chance to go back there and stay longer. But Im going to say it to you in our language. Matagal n kong gustong makakuha ng contact sa PSPC Pilar lalong lalo na kina Mr. and Mrs. Benliro na syang naging second parents ko nung nandyn pa ako. Tutuo ang sinasabi mo sa araw araw na pamumuhay dyn. It reminds me of many memories. Ang sarap gunitain ang aking nakaraan sa Pilar. I was a Parish Organist in the Church during the time of Fr. Arguelles and I experienced many activities especially during the celebration of fiesta where I was one of the musical directors. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang relation mo kay EZ Cunada na syang second trumpeter ko nung nasa banda pa kami ng PSPC Pilar. But anyhow, just to let you know that im happy to connect this message to you. By the way, Im Dennis Amajan, Music Director of the Department of Culture, St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles.

  32. Nice piece. If I am not mistaken, you are Inday Jing’s son, aren’t you? Your mom is a gracious lady. She served our barangay as midwife during the 80’s to the early 90’s. She would be proud of you. Everything that GOES, GROWS, GLOWS we’ve learned from your ma.

  33. Madamo gid nga salamat, at least i knew the person behind, i believe we are related i know the history of your family since spanish time, as per
    our grandparents story, sorry if i am not good in writing even my gramar sometimes are wrong.

    Anyway i would like to say this, just continue your work, I BELIEVE you are really good in writing, but don’t forget the one who is powerful at all times (Jesus Crist) GOD BLESS to you and to your FAMILY.

  34. Hi! i just discover your blog today.
    Nagkataon lang na wala akong magawa sa trabaho ko jejeje, kaya ayun nagsurfing surfing lang ko, until i found the PILAR CAPIZ, when i found it, someone flash in my mind “PILAR?” diba dira nakatira ang akon mga parentis, according to my lolos and lolas (Leopoldo Odfeminina – deceased s0n of late Juan Odfeminina- deceased) of Dapdapan sapian Capiz.
    Sir, I just wondering if u are related to the late YOTIKYO CUNADA?

  35. hay! kumusta!

    i just found this blog of yours, sir… i would like to know the status of politics in your town… i’ve heard a lot of bad things like corruption, stolen platinum treasures in Casanayan, stolen antique cannon,stolen laptops and other important and expensive property of your people (stolen by your ex-mayor mr. G. “I”. Patricxx) . isa ka talalupangdon is the salary of the Mayor’s helpers, body guards, plus the gasoline of all their cars are all paid by your people… sa munsipyo gina kuha ang ila mga sweldo… indeed, your town is full of controversies and beauty.. no wonder one of your guest here said nga wala gid naga improve ang inyo town. you can help your people,sir

  36. Tenten:

    I believe you when you say I am “really good in writing”. Thank you. The information you are asking from me are not original nor are they verified. Of course, you can do whatever you want to do with those information. Good luck to your project.


    Marian is the son of my father’s eldest brother.

  37. Hi. 🙂 you’re really good in writing. I really like this piece. I was wondering if i could copy some information for my project? Its about our home town. Don’t worry i’ll revise it. I just need some information like the battle of balisong and the tagbuan. Please email me though. 😀 Oh, i was wondering, are we related?hehe

  38. jp,

    Thanks for letting me know that somehow I left something for you which you call a “legacy”. Don’t you think it’s too lofty a word to describe it knowing that I was just an ordinary, “run-of-the-mill” teacher trying to introduce you to the world of Literature and its rudiments. Anyway, let me share with you what I too have written lately. Please read on. (Lip-ot man lang ni)

    Earth Hour in Roxas City

    A couple of weeks before March 28, 2009 the day scheduled for the Earth Hour, I already read and heard that it was supposed to be “a global effort that encouraged people from all over the world to turn off their lights… from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM, to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and global warming”.

    According to the report of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), more than 15 million Filipinos were estimated to have joined Earth Hour with 647 cities and municipalities participating, Roxas City and majority of its residents included.

    The said report claimed that with this figure, the Philippines ranked first among all the countries that joined this global event. Greece ranked second with 484 participating towns and cities. According to Yeb Sano, WWF campaign manager for the Philippines, only a million of Filipinos joined last year’s Earth Hour. Here in Roxas City I could hardly remember that it was observed. Yano attributed this enormous increase of participants this year to the increasing awareness of climate change and its effects among Filipinos. And if may add, among Capizeños.

    Prior to the Earth Hour there was this question whether Capiz Electric Cooperative (CAPELCO) would shut off the power at the appointed time. An insider at CAPELCO informed me though, that it would not be so. There would be no power interruption and I believe that this was on the premise that it was up to the consumers to decide whether to participate or not.

    I think the decision was reasonable because after all everyone pays for the electric bill and it would be on the discretion of the individual to join or not. I think also that it is more meaningful when the decision should come from the individuals themselves. And isn’t it that with the power on, we would really be able to appreciate the participation of those who were willing to deprive themselves of the luxury of electricity? And isn’t it that we could also appreciate that darkness amid some lights?

    In Metro Roxas especially at the city center, I was able to observe that practically the city was plunged into darkness as the major public and private buildings switched off their lights. As soon as I was able to watch the dimming of the city, I went up our roof deck here at Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion Main Campus to watch the city at dark.

    Along the river bank near the public market, there was one glaring electric signboardge that was not switched off. It provided a clear contrast between light and darkness and also between those who participated and those who did not. It was a wonderful sight to see the lights coming only from the vehicles especially from our ubiquitous city tricycles that were plying their usual routes. Once in a while, their lights flashed to the rotunda fountain and the bridge whose lights were also switched off.

    Soon, and it was too soon, the lights were on again at the strike of 9:30 PM. But I hope that that experience will linger on motivating us all the more in our efforts to save our earth. Hopefully also, those who might not have participated or just simply shrugged their shoulders, will eventually realize the importance of these efforts and will voluntarily say: “Earth gets my support”.

  39. Here are the stories I hear about how one ended up becoming a teacher:

    1. His mother/father told him that they are poor. So instead of taking up nursing or agriculture, he was “forced” to take education.

    2. His mother/father told him he is not very intelligent. So he better become a teacher. And he did become although it is a mystery how he/she made it through a board exam or a degree to become a teacher when he is not very intelligent.

    I do not know about you, Fr. Rey, how you became a teacher. Maybe because you were assigned in the Seminary, and as part of your priestly duties, you were also required to teach. And of course, you taught literature.

    My decision to become a writer was reached after reading “The Choice” by Og Mandino. The book was a gift to my brother BJ. I lent the same book, without BJ’s permission, to my elementary teacher about 10 years ago. When I was to retrieve the book, the borrower’s borrower lent it to another person. Until now, it has to return to its owner. BJ was of course upset but what can he do?

    I did not arrive at that decision only during and after reading that book. Looking back, I realized it was in your classroom, Fr. Rey, where I first witness the literary characters came to life–as you twist your wrist, wave your hands and arms, nod your head, look at the ceiling and out the window at the sky over Brgy. Tisa below the Seminary Hill when you summarized or discussed our lessons for the day.

    Looking back it makes me think that you really must have the love for written words. Otherwise, how would you be so carried away about Allan Poe’s Anabelle Lee’s:

    “For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
    Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
    And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes
    Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
    And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
    Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride…”

    Longfellow’s poem’s with a line that says something like “behind the dark clouds the sun is still shining…” and many more.

    I thank you for introducing literature and its beauty to me. Literature made me understand how it is to “be little less than a god”, as one of the psalms in our prayer book says. I have constantly worked on improving and refining my writing skills and I continue to learn.

    In the world of the words, the poor and the not so intelligent guys’ limit is only his imagination. This is your legacy to me.

  40. well, what can i say now? if not for your brother bj i could have not discovered your blogspot. oh boy, you could really write. am really impressed of your style. would you please write some more?

    missing the good old days at spx seminary. btw, thanks for dropping by last time in cpc, but that was ages ago. drop by again when you are in town.


  41. OUr activities last a week but the sessions are half day only. Orientation usually starts the day we arrive and workshop proper commences early the following day.

  42. Hi JP,
    I would bring again my Artribe Family from Puerto Princesa to our place in Pilar to conduct the 2nd Summer Art Workshop probably on the third or last week of April this year. For now we are just focusing on basic visual arts for children and anime art and advanced painting for high school but I would like to include creative writing in the future. Maybe you can join us and be the facilitator for that category.

  43. I like this one…

    Summer and Christmas seasons relieve boredom. People get to see young and pretty girls on vacation walk the streets, dive beaches and visit their dead. In other times, there are only the mothers and the grandmothers.

    The province life…

  44. Nice … just keep writing about our town.
    And pare next time please put some about our politics there in Pilar its a nice topic to read ayt….

  45. Hi JP,

    Well done!! Excellent features!! Ignore those guys who got nothing to say but non sense. ie. as above.

    I am please to read such an info regarding my birthplace. I am from Pilar by birth but have not really explored the place.

    Thanks to you, you have opened many oppurtunities for those Pilarenos who plans to come home for good.

  46. DEAR JP.











  47. Jan, nakakasuka at nakakatawa. Si Jan ka ba talaga o si Bob Ong, o iisa lang kayo? Ok lang naman na magpakilala ka, mas matutuwa mga makakabasa sa iyo.

  48. Ano ba naman yang mga sinusulat mo, parang konti lang kayong nakakaintinde… puro english, puro english eh nasa Pilipinas naman… pati ung mga nagcocomment sau eh puro english, aba aba naman, kung maka english naman oh… may copy right notice ka pa? ano ba un? sugalan ba un?!

    Ang comment ko lang sa mga sinusulat mo eh dapat gawin mo namang catchy, total mga readers mo eh puro mga Pilipino, ano kaya kung idiscuss mo ang tungkol sa mga Pilipinong “SUPOT” ung pakiramdam nila eh foreigner sila at ayaw na nilang magpatuli, may mga kakilala kac akong ganyan… JP ata ung pangalan ng isa… Alam mo may tanong ako sa sarili ko na hirap akong sagutin… ung tanong na, Pano kaya humihiga ang KUBA, siguro ang sakit sa leeg nun noh…

    Cguro mas lalong magiging catchy ung sinusulat mo kung tungkol sa mga bagay na makakapagencourage sa isang tao na mabuhay ng masaya. katulad nalang ng mga taong may “BINGOT”, ung ibang hindi maka afford na mag-paopera na gusto nalang mawala sa mundo dahil sa itsura nila, pero hindi ba nila alam na may advantage ang mga taong may bingot?!… tulad nalang kung iinom sila, hindi na nila kailangang ngumanga pa para lang uminom, tutusok nalang nila ung straw sa may puwang sabay sipsip, edi nakainom na hindi pa sila pagod. Meron pa akong naisip na topic, ung tungkol naman sa mga “NUNAL NA BUHAY NA MAY BUHOK”, alam mo sa totoo lang eh nawiwirduhan ako sa nunal na buhay na may buhok, para baga kacng may sarili silang pag-iisip na kahit anong oras eh pwede silang mag mall at maghanap ng syotang nunal, ang saya cguro magkaron ng nunal na buhay, para kang may “PET” , lalo na kung gumagalaw at pwedeng pang pakainin. Naisip ko din kung ano kaya yung mangyayari sa nunal na buhay kung bubunutin mo ung buhok, hindi kaya sila maglayas?!

    Meron pa pala akong naisip, patamaan mo naman ung mga driver ng FX na hindi nagsisipilyo bago pumasada. Alam mo ba sumakay ako ng FX pauwi tapos dun ako umupo sa harapan, sa bandang bintana, nang may bigla akong naamoy, akala ko noon eh ung katabi ko yung naglabas ng sama ng loob, ang sama talaga ng titig ko kasi ginawa nya akong halaman, bugahan ng sama ng loob, ang tindi talaga ng amoy, tumatambay sa ilong, nanunuot hanggang buto, at maya maya ung driver biglang umubo, at eksaktong pagubo nya eh huminga ako sa bibig, hindi ko alam yung magiging reaksyon ko sa mas pinatinding amoy, parang kulang pa yung kinain ko sa sinuka ko, nakakasulahok ung amoy, nung mga panahon na yun eh na realize ko na kung ano ang pakiramdam ng mga ipis sa tuwing iniispreyan sila ng Baygon, nakakamatay talaga. Ewan ko ba kung bakit ganun katindi yung among ng driver na yun, TAE ata miniryenda nun.

    Bago ko tapusin ang Comment ko sayo, gus2 ko lang mag-iwan ng isang tanong;

    Pano kung meron kang babaeng sobrang mahal, na sya lang ang minahal mo ng ganun, pagkatapos eh nalaman mo na ISA LANG PALA NG DIBDIB NYA AT NASA “GITNA” PA… Ano ang gagawin mo?!

  49. Pilar, Capiz is my mom’s hometown. I love that place. I used to stay there for the summer when I was younger… And I remember that it was in Pilar where I first bathed in the rain.

  50. my ancestors come from this town, i was told. i’ve passed by it decades ago but not really set foot. the way i hear from your description, the place seems to not have advanced from the stone age. no wonder my ancestors had emigrated somwhere else. but it would be nice to see the place and perhaps dig out some roots. i may find long lost relatives who knows. good day you all pilarnons.

  51. i really know pilar are the number one turist spot province of capiz espicially baybay beach clean and tidy you can try and viset.the people of pilar are friendly.espicially,barrios,vasques.bonilla.dela cruz,barrio,dellera.bedeo,family,more blessing to come,viva sto nino,gob bless

  52. how can i forget this town..i wasn’t born in here but my childhood years starts in here till i grew up..since elementary to my high school until i finished my college at pspc now capiz state university..there’s so many things to visit..beach,falls,caves,the groto..my memories will remain in my heart forever,,..thank you..

  53. yup i know mr Miane he is the classmate of my father in sitio cubay san pedro pilar capiz.
    I am very proud that i grow up in that brgy.
    and the text above remind me my fast and until now that experiance will refresh my mind and heart para mag pauli kag mag celebrate ng annual fiesta. tnx sa nag create ng blog na to.

  54. Joemar:

    Thank you.

    I wish i could also write about the natural wonders each baranggay of my town has.

  55. a job well done, it reminds me of the town that I have served for 6 years as a municipal councilor 92-98

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