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20 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. hi jp! actually, this has nothing to do with what you have written above… i am not even sure if this is the right venue for this… anyway, i just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!… i was checking out the names of the BAR passers and i came upon yours.

    i have been regularly visiting your blog for some time now and i find it interesting…and so when i saw your name on the list of the successful BAR examinees, i feel that i have to say congratulations!

    based on what i have read here so far, i think that you are one lawyer to watch out for in the next decade…

    more power to you and God bless…

  2. PJ,
    I searched the net for entries about the town where i was nurtured and reared as a child… geez, the only link i got was that of wikipedia and your blog… Since i was already in your blog and there’s some info you got that im interested, i read some of it.. well of course, you have some convictions that is totally diferrent from what i believe specially when it is political in nature. This is most likely because my family is affiliated with Liberal Party- the sole party that shapes (perhaps dictate) the political scenario in the entire province of panay. Without further ado, I just dropby to say congratulations for passing the board exam… i saw your name posted in front of your alma matter… keep up the good work dude! who knows one day, you might be the right man to be the vehicle of change for the town that both of us cherished!

  3. Thanks for the congratulations and for the well wishes. I do not intend to run for any political office in my town. But I do want to set up businesses in Pilar so that I can help alleviate the unemployment problems in that part of the Philippines.

  4. go a head run for it your the one they ‘re waiting this is the time and your time. action is the word. keep up man. your d choosen one…good luck.

  5. ho and we bussiness man to build at the town of pilar capz.becouse your mayor in pilar a lot and huge of corruftion.i don.t care to build my bussiness on your town.he like mayor patricio grabs all the money and be 50/50 if i start to bussiness on your town. i dont like that person mayor patricio.

  6. mayor patricio is not a good person that person is a selfish this time coming election in my self and my family i dont like to vote patricio family and i dont care the mind of patricio crazy person huge of curropt ho are the next good mayor on your town to become ah next mayor on your town plz ho among the candidites mayor are we good person to run become mayor on your town.

  7. Bernales // November 27, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    I agreed Marcos the great dictator is gone but now another dictator & becoming a Trapo is rising in the name of IKE & RITA PATRICIO. When RITA wins next to run is IKE again. Pilarenio will have to accept that whether they like it or not. Ike & RITA would not let go what they have today & yesterday. Thats why they have a lot of goons for thier future. I hope MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE will not happen in Pilar. But if somebody gives a good fight who knows there would be a PILAR MASSACRE too. KAWAWA KAYO MGA KA PILARENIO KO SANA MATOTO NA KAYO NGAYONG ELEKSYON. Not for me as im not a voter of Pilar anymore. Kon mag sige kamo patonto kay IKE kag RITA nasa inyo na ina.


    J Bernales // November 27, 2009 at 12:18 pm




  8. Tuod gid ina nga Bad sina Ike & Rita? How sad naman for them. Gamay na gani Pilar di pa maka benefit mga town folks!! Grabe man gali na sila. Have not heard of so negative comments about this family, pero daw damo na gid naga condenm sa ila siguro tuod gid eh. My dream of settling down there fade away kay kalahadlok na gali dira sa aton. BTW, sino sugata nila na candidate this coming election? Can we launch online voting? Problem wala pa siguro internet connection sa Pilar..

  9. It’s a shame to have had a leader named IKE…and a shame to be a “Patricio”. Sa Pilar ako natawo may dugo sang Patricio (apparently a true bloodied Patricio) i used to look up to Ike’s father when I was a kid but I remember my father saying di man na siya original nga Patricio.
    kay kinawatan man lang nila sina ang Patricio in fear of persecution from the spaniards. Daw myth pero siguro matuod. If the accusations for Ike and his wife is true then, it could be traced back from his roots. It’s a pity they have chosen the name Patricio for I believe, we don’t deserve to be robbed of our name. Just a few months ago, a humble Patricio who was not in his political ally was killed by Ike’s bantay dagat.
    I hope through your blog Pilarenos all over the world will unite and fight the regime of Ike and Rita. Tell your families back home NOT to give these couple another chance to lead our town. This coming election NO VOTE for Rita or Ike.

  10. my kandidato sa Pilar ang mga Gellada? thanks… mr. JP have to HAVE a personal commemt a akusasyon sang mga Gellada, im sure ila sang mga Gellada ini mga mensahi ang naka sulat sa ibabaw… anu mahambal mu… no comment lang…ahay ah…very slow… JP is a blind lawyer when it comes to politics and his people…don’t tell us dira ka naga panyapon sa house ni IKE kag Rita… Not a good example… give it a shot man! i will wait sa imu maisug nga responce…salamat

  11. Ne,

    If you think I am “slow” and “blind” because I refuse to comment on something, so be it. I have no intentions of changing your opinion. For all I know, basi ikaw man ang nag-comment sina sa ibabaw with intent to anger me and make me comment on something I really have no intention to comment about.

    Kon indi man ikaw ang nagsulat sang ginatudlo mo nga opinion, kag if you want to comment about it, why don’t you do it yourself?

    If the energy you used to insult me you channeled instead to write the things you want to say, may nadugang ka pa nga opinion nga hinali mapuslan naton nga mga manugbasa.

    Of course, every body deserves a second chance. So, have your say, Ne.

  12. Everybody has his or her opinion. And I must say these comments are pretty harsh and they mostly focus on the negative side. May are gd sang mga kontra-partido who will say harshest words towards the Patricio family para lang maguban sila. I have been a resident of Pilar Capiz and there have been great improvements in Pilar already.
    I hope that someone would back me up when I say that no one’s perfect even the Patricio’s but they have had so much contributions that made me say I am proud to be a Pilareno and proud to be on their side.
    Mayor Rita has been kind to everyone even those nga naga kontra sa iya. I just would like to clear her name sa mga issue nga ina.

  13. i’m a pilareño and proud to be 1 but what is happening to my town now?? IMPROVEMENTS, yes w/ twin DIRTY IMPROVEMENT….name it and PILAR has It….

    mga KAsimanwa it’s high time to change the administration.,. wake up!!!!! bugtaw na!!! mga KAsimanwa ,.,.,.


  14. sa akon ya bisan sin o pa da nga tarpolano ang mapungko amo man na gihapon. craving to get rich, fame & power has no end & satisfaction… right? i don’t know where’s d problem sa gov. o sa tawo basic instinct da sang mga tawo gasalig sa govierno. sa leader naman ya mapisan maghimos sang peoples money, omg patay man na sila gyapon.. so maayo pa nonoy.. mag sariling sikap ka nalang. & be satisfied what u got will lead u 2 happinies, think about that… baby. don’t worry be happy:D…

  15. hi jep,
    do you have a photo gallery for pictures taken in pilar? if wala pa, i think it will be a great addition to this. maybe you can also make a travelogue for the different spots there. it can be a good reference for tourists who are intrested to go to pilar, especially those that have not gone there yet. a good example was your trip to tabun-acan-to the water falls…
    just my thoughts…

  16. Hi! My Grandmaother’s family is from Pilar, Capiz. Her clan is the Bacanto / Bargas family. I know we are related by affinity to the Villaruz and Ledesmas also. Ike is a very distant cousin of ours. I met him years ago (1978?) when he first started out in politics. I have been there only once on a TV coverage assignment after Typhoon Frank but only very briefly. I’m sad to hear that Pilar is in a sad political state. Regards. Boy Diez

  17. Dating mayor ng Pilar nahaharap sa pinakaunang environmental case sa Capiz dahil sa pagmimina
    Posted under news,regional,visayas by migs on Monday 12 September 2011 at 9:06 am

    (RMN- ROXAS) NAHAHARAP sa kasong paglabag sa probisyon ng Republic Act 7076 o People’s Small-scale Mining Act of 1991 ang dating alkalde ng Pilar, Capiz na si Former Mayor Gideon Ike Patricio, sinasabing proprietor / may ari ng Morcita Mining Engineering Services and Enterprises at asawa ng kasalukuyang alkalde ng nasabing bayan na si Mayor Ritalyn Patricio .

    Ito ang unang Environmental Case sa lalawigan ng Capiz na isinampa sa Sixth Judicial Region Regional Trial Court at tumatayong complainant sina Retired Judge Roger Patricio at Atty. Roy Villa , dating Vice Mayor ng Pilar.

    Sa naturang kaso inilahad ng mga complainant ang nais na injunction sa operasyon ng pagmimina sa Barangay Olalo at Silvestre Pilar at Prayer for Temporary Environmental Protection Order and Writ of Preliminary Injunction dahil ang ginagawa ng naturang kumpaniya ay isa ring paglabag sa ordinance no. 6 ng Capiz na nagdedeklara ng 15 years mining moratorium na sa kalaunan ay naging 50 years at sa ibinabang executive order ni Governor Victor Tanco Sr. na nagbabawal sa anumang mining operation at exploration sa lalawigan.

    Dagdag pa rito ang kawalan ng permit mula sa Provincial Mining Regulatory Board.

    Napag-alaman na patuloy ang operasyon ng Morcita simula pa noong taong 2007 at imbolbado ito sa mga mining activities kagaya na lamang ng land clearing , prospecting , exploring, drilling, excavating, extracting , pagbebenta at pag transport ng mga minerals tulad ng sulfur, copper ore , iron at manganese ore sa Pilar .

  18. Thank you for your initiative to collect poems in Hiligaynon. I remember when I was in grade 1 (1966), we recited this poem almost everyday. I forgot the title but I can still remember the first 4 lines: Bugtaw kabataan, bugtaw gilayon. Lukso sa higdaan deretso sa paliguan……..(and so on). I am desperately looking a for it but to no avail. If you find the text of this poem would you be kind enough to email copy to me:……Salamat gid nga madamo.

  19. That reminds me of “Ukulele ko’ng paya” that goes like this:

    Ukukele ko’ng paya matahom tulukon
    Kag makawiwili kung kutingkutingon
    Didto ko gindala sa pangpang sang suba
    Kay didto may putot kag magapa nga iba
    Ginhimo ni tatay yadto nga ukulele
    Mulawon ang braso kag tipay ang traste
    Didto ko gintungtong sa lamesang baka
    Agod indi malab-ot sang manghod ko nga apa
    Sang isa ka adlaw ako ang nakibot sang lagpok nga matunog
    Ukulele kong paya buka na sa salog.

    Still looking for that “Bugtaw kabataan, bugtaw gilayon”.

    I’ll post it here when I do.

    -ArrGee at

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