Iliili                                         Rock to sleep

Ginailiili ako sang tatlo           Three bottles of beer

ka botelya nga serbesa          rock me to sleep

apang indi man gihapon ako    but I can not still sleep

makakatulog tungod                because

sa nadadinomogay nga libro   my books are noisy

sa idalum sang akon katre.     wrestling under my bed.

Nobyembre 23, 2000 November 23, 2000

3 thoughts on “Iliili

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  2. Iliili The Cradle

    Ginailiili ako sang tatlo I was cradled by three

    ka botelya nga serbesa bottles of beer

    apang indi man gihapon ako but I can’t still

    makakatulog tungod sleep, because

    sa nagadinomogay nga libro of wrestled books

    sa idalum sang akon katre. under my bed.

    Nobyembre 23, 2000 November 23, 2000

    The world wants to know the correct use and translation of words. Thanks!

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