For the Penitent: Linabo Peak in Dipolog

I knew there was more to Dipolog than its baywalk, sardines, and cheap seafood. So, on my fifth visit, I asked around and the locals pointed me to Linabo peak. They also talked about Baga Falls in Poblacion, Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental, an adjacent province, and a white and powdery sand-beach farther inside Misamis Occidental.
Linabo Peak is famous for repentant people, as my driver told me. You don’t go up there when you have nothing to repent. So, why am I going up there, he asked. I said perhaps I have something to repent.

So every step, I remembered my sinful pleasures and left them there.

Linabo mountain is a 15-30-minute drive away from Dipolog. The sign says it has 3,003 steps. The steps are made of concrete with railings on either side.  Signs are put on the stairs after every hundred steps. After 2,300 steps the signs have stopped. Along the way, until about 2,000 steps are the 14 stations of the cross.

Linabo mountain is planted with coconut ang mahogany trees. There’s not much you can see except the bark and leaves of carefully lined mahogany trees punctuated by coconut trees.
After the 14th station of the cross is a community. And in the middle of that community is the Linabo Elementary School.

IMG_20160116_154530IMG_20160116_154549IMG_20160116_154625IMG_20160116_154604.jpgFew more hundred steps and there was a clearing where I could see the vast tracks of land, a river, the sea and an island on the right.


A house perched on a boulder.

IMG_20160116_155920 (1)


View of the sea, the river, and vast tracks of land from the clearing.


What could that island on the right be? There must be a beach resort in there somewhere.

The last hundred or so steps were carved in stone. And at the peak is… a cell antenna.


Steps carved in stone.


At my back is the view from the boulder where I pose for photo below.


This is the view between the boulder and the peak.



On the left side of this boulder is where I posed for that picture.


The antenna on the peak of Mt. Linabo.

Just below the peak is a boulder. From the boulder I could view the other side opposite the sea, vast tracks of green land that disappears in the horizon where the gods must have painted the outlines of far away mountains.


I’m on top of Mt. Linabo!

IMG_20160116_162020IMG_20160116_164714 (1).jpg


What is this found on the peak?


Selfie na lang kay kaululaw na magpakuha picture 🙂

It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to reach the peak. And an hour to get back to the high way.

I spent P400 for habal-habal ride from my hotel to the foot of Mt. Linabo and back.

Tip: Bring trail food and water. The sari-sari store across the street from the entrance only has Hansel and crackers and the water is of course twice the regular price.


The setting sun as I descended the mountain.

8 thoughts on “For the Penitent: Linabo Peak in Dipolog

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  7. thanks for mentioning hansel, the biscuit. i love your fotos, especially the boulder view fotos. thanks for the info about linabo in dipolog. its my first time to hear about it.

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