There is something about eating fruits that is so delightful and I had been wondering about what it is but could not get it until this morning. I woke up and I was so hungry but I do not like what is on the table–fried egg, rice, and bangus cooked in tomato sauce. I wanted something light and refreshing. I was thinking about watermelon and melon. But there was none in the ref. I ended up sitting on a couch and reading the news. And since nothing about reading the news could fill my hunger, I looked out the door and saw the guava tree. I climbed the tree and took out three yellow-green fruits, bit one and understood that it was exactly fruits I was craving to eat today.

So what is it about fruits that is so delightful? It is watery, it is sweet, it is light in the stomach, and it is refreshing.

Out of the three guava fruits I picked, I was able to eat only one because the rest were maggot infested. I could not have the full satisfaction I was hoping for. So, I had someone buy me a watermelon and a melon but she ended up buying only watermelon. And the price is so prohibitive.

The need for a human body for fresh fruits could not be overemphasized. Doctors advise to always eat fruits, aside from vegetables. People will be healthier if we eat more fruits. Of course, almost every body wants and loves to eat fruits but could not do so in a regular basis because the price is beyond what a basic salaried employee, like me, can afford.

In the past, the duties of the state to its people does not include providing them with decent housing. But with more and more people populating the country and less and less land there is available for people to own, rent or build their house on to, providing its citizens with a decent housing in the form of housing loan has become a necessity. In the same vein, addressing the health issues of the citizenry requires, among others, that my beloved Philippines create a program for each local government to have a garden where each can plant and sell farm products, like fruits, at prices affordable to the masa.

4 thoughts on “Fruits

  1. If climate change becomes irreversibly worse in the next few decades, the day will come when we’ll get and eat our “fruits” from tubes and moisture-free containers.

    By that time, even maggot-infested guava fruits will so hard to find they’d surely be a treat to chomp on.

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