Marian Rivera’s alleged pregnancy and Jobert Sucaldito’s abuse of power

I have transferred this piece here.

9 thoughts on “Marian Rivera’s alleged pregnancy and Jobert Sucaldito’s abuse of power

  1. Ito lng po ang napapansin ko sa mga fans ni Marian…when it comes to whos prettier isasampal nila sa lahat ng tao na mas maganda ang idol nila pero when it comes to whos smarter wala clang masabi. Hanggang sa maganda lng c MArian eh..she is a palengkera!!! Eh c KArylle kaya?Maganda, multitalented, smart, etc. Maraming maipagmamaki c Karylle. So ANGEL LOCSin whoever u are shut ur mouth cause hindi bida ang idol, she might look like an “angel” to you for us wala sya sa kalingkingan ni KArylle. SHe beautiful thats it.

  2. si Karylle ang pokpok! kaya siya hiniwalayan ni DIngdong!!!
    yang Jobert Sucaldito sinisiraan nya si Marian!!!

    si Marian ang bida , si Jobert at Karylle ang mga KONTRABIDA!

  3. JP, I did not say I was not into this, I was just surprised that you were! Pero I know Tatay won’t admit it, he’s so macho and proud to be kapamilya.

    Here’s a rose for Marian….


  4. jp, i never knew you were into this stuff. — jun flores

    Jun, i know something about you–that you are also into this stuff. You just would not admit much more write about it. : )

  5. I agree with you… Karylle was not in a position to answer that question thus the smile. Marian on the other hand over reacted on the issue.

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