Although I had an idea “pesco” means “fish”, I was not sure about its meaning when tieed with the word “vegetarian”. I thought maybe fish and vegetables. But, I did not trust myself. Besides, there was google.

So, I  had to tell my chat friend I hd to google the word, and she sent back a smile. We were talking about her diet, and after knowing exactly what the word means, I suggested to her my favorite dish.

My mother, and every body at home called this tinola. That is in the province. The friend I was talking with was from the city, so we had to clarify things first. When I mentioned the word “tinola” she immediately replied she does not eat chicken. So I have to explain to her that in our  place, tinola also includes fish.

So hear it is.

We will need two hasa-hasa fish sliced into half each, two pieces of sliced of tomatoes, one piece of sliced onion, lemon grass, and kamote shoots.

Boil the  tomatoes, onion, and lemon grass into 3 cups of water. Add the fish, put salt according to taste, and when satisfied, turn of the fire and place the kamote shoots. I like kamote shoots because they have that distinct and unique flavor that mixes with the soup, and I can not find the same taste in any other leaves like sile, malonggay, or kangkong.

This serving is good for three to four people.

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