Dynasty Deteriorates Society

(An anti-dynasty stand. Click here for the pro.)

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! The friend of a friend has a business he inherited from his father who inherited it from the latter’s father who inherited the same business fromt he friend’s great grandfather.

Now, I have a question for you: are government officials supposed to treat their position as a business like that of my friend’s friend’s? Can a politician just hand his position down to the next of his generation?

Obviously, your answer to the first question is “no”. Government officials are in position to serve and only to serve. They are not to earn from whatever transactions they facilitate. They are not to get rich because, as we said, government position is not a business. This is the theory.

As to the second question, the answer is still the same “no”. A politician can not hand his position down to the next of his generation. It is the voter that dictates whether the next of the politician’s generation will have the job or not.

That the candidate wins however is another story. Of course, his winning will constitute what is call “politycal dynasty”. (Dynasty, by the way means, a line of rulers of the same family. So the word “political” in the phrase “political dynasty” is actually a superfluity. That is according to the New Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus). But what about dynasty according to the law?

Sad to say, the law does not have a definition. In fact, there is even no law about dynasty. What is written in the constitution actually is an order for Congress to enact a law tha defines and prohibits dynasty.

Of course, I am not in favor of dynasty. To rephrase the Constitutional Commissioner who explained the rationale for the existence of the provision against dynasty in the Constitution, dynasty narrows the opportunities of competent, young and promising poor candidates to occupy important positions in the government.

Without the law that prohibits dynasty, there will be no end to the rule of people form the same families who have most of the money but do not necessarily have what it takes to make this country great.

But since Congress in the home of dynasties, to borrow Fr. Joaquin Bernas’ words, the realization that the provision on dynasties would widen access to political opportunities, will probably be exhaustingly long in coming. Fr. Bernas, by the way, is one of the country’s most respected constitutionalists.

The situation is actually on of betrayal. We elect people to represent us. Obviously, however, when they are elected, they begin to represent themselves and their interest. Our status as their master is demoted to a mere fan to be smiled at and to be thrilled by promises.

Then a son or daughter come up and say, “father, I would like to be a mayor/congressman/senator like you.”

“Ok, anak,” father mayor/congressman/senator replies. “I’ll take care of it. In the mean time, go and announce to this and that barangay that we are constructing waiting shed and basketball courts; and do not allow them to forget about me, about us. Never forget to pain on those structures in bold and large letters they were constructed out of love by your father to his constituents. That way, when it is your time to replace me, they will have an easy time remembering your name, our name.”

Talk about undue advantage. Talk about the “narrowing of opportunities of competent, young, promising, poor candidates to occupy important positions in government”. They who have everything but the means to make this country great.

Talk about betrayal.

So, please, when I am back here again on stage, I hope I would not be asked again about my stand on the menace to our society called dynasty.

I am not and I will not be in favor of it.

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49 thoughts on “Dynasty Deteriorates Society

  1. politicians may come up with this kind of situation……they’ve use the politics as a business and rule for a long term…….this oration piece may provoked politician to make change for their better objective to make our country peasant to be in……..

  2. sorry, but political dynasty as of now are already allowed here the Philippines because most of the mayors, congressmen, councilors, senators,have relationship. if it is prohibited then why should politicians runs for that position with the same family name and i think they are more educated and they have more knowledge or they are rational people or it simply means they know what is prohibited or not.

  3. I am Bacolodnon, I’ve been in capiz in 1998 looking for my relatives, my father side because I’ve never meet them ever since. I am the son of Mr.Lorenzo (Enchong) Bernas who is from Capiz according to my mother. He was a stranger in our place and happened to meet my mother. He got cuiside in 1961 when I was only 8 month old and according to his cuiside note I have to find his relatives when I grow up but until now still I failed to do it. I appreciate very much if you can help me find them being Capiznon. Thank you and God bless.

  4. Sir Anthony:
    Will you please compose me an oration piece? here is the theme “Building Excellence and Unity through sports”. i badly needed it. tenku u, tenk u!

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  6. Hello,

    It very nice to read ur oration…I hope u will have more time to write more. I believe you have a good heart bec in writing u also use ur heart to be able to make a good writing. Keep it up.

  7. Dark023:

    Although I doubt you are as dark as your name suggests, I have no doubt in giving you permission to use this piece for your declamation/oration project in English. Just make sure you acknowledge the source otherwise you may be charged with plagiarism. Also check out the opposite view (why not dynasty). You might also like it.

  8. Chei Navarro:

    Try “Why not dynasty?” the opposite view of this piece. It is not as popular as this piece as it is viewed/read only by half of the people who read this one; but if you look at it closely, that piece is more reasonable (not to mention controversial) than this one. Else, try “corruption and despair” or its Filipino equivalent “Kuropsiyon at kawalan ng pag-asa”. The last two only have over a hundred views, so they are not very popular but may also be as good as this one. You may find them all in the “oration pieces” page (or you may click at the bottom of this oration piece before the comments).

    Or, you may try President-elect Barack Obama’s speeches: his speech on father’s day, his stand on Iraq war before the war became a disaster, or his his victory speeches during the primary elections. Lines that run “they say this day will never come…” and many more that will not fail to inspire you are there. His website contains transcripts of his speeches. I am sorry I cannot write a declamation or another oration piece at the moment.

  9. hi!! nice piece… uhmm..a part of our midterm topic is about oration and declamation..can you help me choose a piece?? please?

  10. You really are a good writer, i know. Because of it, I would like to ask favor from you to please sent me an oration about ” children, a blessing” Its my pleasure having one from you.
    Thank you and God Speed!

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  16. ..ei… i’m going to use ur oration pice for mha project.,,,,
    ,..hehe.,..ur mha saviour “BOY”…thankzzz to yah..!!!
    ..Takecare always and God Bless..!!!
    .. i really love ur oration piece..!!!
    (nice one)

    ~LoVe LoTz~
    (♥Chaolx~Xi♥Dong Cheng♥)

  17. hello!!! i’ve read your oration speech and its so nice. I hope I can also make that kind of beautiful oration speech, but the problem is I don’t know how to make an oration speech?????? I hope you can help me about this problem.

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  19. ahmm…… thanks so much for that very inspiring message….i just want to have the copy of the oration speech about what did rizal did about his country..thanx kuya…

  20. Hello, Gee Dandan:

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving compliments on this blog.

    As to your request (an oration piece about jose rizal), i do not know what to write about him. with that, i mean, one must have a premise. for example: jose rizal should not be our national hero. or jose rizal was not an inventor, etc.

    But even if you pick one of those topics about rizal or you give me your favorite or most preferred one, i am afraid i still will not be able to grant your request because i am now working and i have very little time to write. there are a lot of things i still want to write/blog about but i could not find the time to. for instance, i want to blog about the unconsciounable airing of advertisements by GMA 7 in the paquiao–barrera rematch last Oct 7 because i feel i was exploited.

    anyway, you may give me an oration topic you want written about rizal. who knows i might be able to write it, like this reply, despite my busy schedule.

    Thank you and good luck.

  21. whew! nice piece.. this is the first time that someone was able to make me read something about politics.. hindi kasi ako interested sa magulong mundo nila.. agree ako sa sinabi mo.. ang galing..! 🙂

    wait. there is another one coming on the same topic. But this one, pro-dynasty nanaman! JP

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