Christian Bautista

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3 thoughts on “Christian Bautista

  1. hey well shudn’t u b hating ur gf instead ov bautista??? well ur rite he might b makin sum mistakes whle singin but the lyrics of songz really touched ma heart!!! nd hez nt tht handsome budd!!! wht i personaly feel is tht ur gf is one ov thoz emotinal ppl who really love to live in fiction world of love ignorin reality!!! bautista’s songs r related to romance kinda stuff so ur gf wud hv been attracted 2ward hm!!! she’ll soon realise 😉 !!!
    thank you for not only dropping by my blog but also leaving your comment. I would like to suggest however that you read and reread the whole article so that you will get the main point. With all due respect to you, the article is not some kind of a text message (like the way you write). For one, it is very long. Another, it has a lot of side comments that distract. And if you have understood and regretted posting this comment, I’ll be glad to do you a favor by deleting it. If it is not the case, I still am gratefull that you at least browse what I write. JP

  2. okey JP.. you are doing well with this… and yes I am one of the “not thinking fan”.. of mr. bautista.. as you can see he’s kinda angelic.. off key you say maybe thats how he wants it to be as an artist.. hmmm own rendition… and i salute you for hating him.. why?.. becuz i hate his guts of having rachel ann as his girlfriend .. hi hi.hi…. great great articles… mind you i haven’t finished the concert too… that means its not christian bautista we all girls thinks most of the time….. 😛

  3. funny post, as usual.
    I always thought christian bautista had this pretty boy thing going about him. Sort of like a Singing Seraphim aura. …and because of that, I never noticed that he did sing “off-key”. hehe.But am I to blame?

    The review was very Simon Cowell-ish, man, with just the right sprinkling of the jealous lover. I liked it, especially the part where you talked about how it was “very very very(etc.)” remote that she was thinking of him after she went to bed. haha.

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