Cesar Montano

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6 thoughts on “Cesar Montano

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  2. I believe that Cesar Montano is a man of principles.
    I read his advocacies at http://cesarmontano.wordpress.com/
    He will be able to serve our country and our people in a righteous way.


    That he (Cesar) is a man of principles I have no doubt about it. I have pointed out that I admire him for his transparency. Transparency is one of the values of an honest person.

    I’ve been there (cesarmontano.wordpress) too. In fact, I printed all the posts there and I studied them. For now, I only have time to write comments as long as this one.

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving your thoughts. JP

  3. We do not even need to dissect Cesar Montano to know he is not a good material for Senatorship (pardon for the choice of word). All we have to do is recall his reaction in his brother Rommel’s boxing bout with Andrew Wolfe. The event was supposed to demonstratrate sportsmanship but Cesar made a big issue out of his brother’s loss. That incident exposed Cesar’s immaturity. He acted like a 13 year old protecting his 7 year old brother.

    yes, Imrac, I remember hearing the news about that fight in the radio. It was the third or the last sunday of september. i think what happened in that boxing bout was, cesar’s brother was knocked down. Seeing his knocked down opponent, Andrew took the opportunity to beat the defenseless Rommel. There was some kind of treachery in what Andrew did, which was why Cesar was very angry to the point Cesar himself challenged Andrew to a fight.

    But yes, I think I also agree with you. Instead of “protecting” his brother by challenging Andrew Wolf to a fight, Cesar should have exhausted administrative remedies and have the officials of that fight punish Andrew. Instead, he put matters into his own hands, thereby exposing his “immaturity” to use your own words. JP

  4. Well, It IS admirable that he did that on national tv, but it does make him look both comical and heroic both at the same time. The former because he’s going into something which he clearly knows nothing about, yet heroic, because he is identifying himself as one of the common people who attempted to break into the world of traditional politicians and hopefully make a difference. But, like Cicero said… “It is shameful to intercede without knowledge.”

    voters COULD go for that heroic angle too, you know.

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