Kahapon, Ngayon, at Bukas

Some time ago, I said to myself I am not going to write a new post against Mar Roxas because I have said my piece with my two previous posts (post no. 1, post no. 2) including the corresponding comments and reactions to my readers therewith. On Sunday night, I watched the story of his wedding with the lady who, through sheer hard work and dedication, rose from the ranks of common workers to become one of the country’s leading and most influential journalists, Korina Sanchez, and I realized I was wrong even before the airing of the story was over.

You see, in the feature narrated by the  bride herself, Mar brought Korina to Baguio, to Bulacan, Bacolod, and Iloilo. Maybe they ran out of time thus he was not able to bring her to Capiz, a province he once represented in Congress.

There is a rumor in Capiz that Mar gave way to Noynoy to become the party’s presidential bet because he realized he was not going to win in the province. If he loses in the election, and record shows he also lost in Capiz, it would become a public relations nightmare that would take more time and more money to shake off in relaunching his bid. It makes no difference if he wins the election but loses in Capiz, except that, he can  enjoy his power and continue ignoring the province where he launched his political career.

Surely, I was not the only one waiting and expecting for that part of the story where he brought his bride to Capiz.  All Capizenos were watching and waiting also.

So what if the wedding special did not mention or include Capiz as one of their destinations prior to their wedding? Nothing really. No big deal, except for us people from Capiz. I expected him to bring Korina to Capiz and at least pretend he had accomplished something she could be proud of. He could have also claimed he was responsible for the wonders found in the beaches of Capiz–the castles made of sand. Or, is not Roxas City, the provincial capital, dubbed as the sea food capital of the Philippines? I  would have loved to see Korina enjoy a sumptuous meal of pusit, alimango, lukon, pakinhason, kag kon ano pa da nga namit sa Capiz.

On the brighter side, we are happy he did not have to pretend he has done something for Capiz. Also, at least we know why Capiz has not received the attention it deserves from its leaders. Mar would rather be in Baguio, Bulacan, Bacolod, and Iloilo yesterday, now, and tomorrow.

Now the rumor after all might not be all rumor.