Mar Roxas, wrong man to become the next president

At this early, Senator Mar Roxas is already campaigning for his presidential bid next year. His tv ad appears in primetime every day. He is also often seen giving interviews to different media outlets. In fact, he has built his own web site where people can learn about him and what he does. He proudly advertises in his website:

“Do I want change for our country? The answer is yes. Do I think I can do a better job? The answer is yes. Do I think that our country could be in a much better place? The answer is yes, ” SENATOR MAR ROXAS , in an hour long interview on ANC.

I have nothing against Mar Roxas except that, for more than a decade he has been in politics as a member of the House of Representatives representing the province of Capiz, then as a Senator, why has my town, Pilar, Capiz, whose welfare he should look after, remains in a dismal state? And now he dreams of changing the country, advertising that he does a better job, and claiming that the country could be in a much better place were he to become its president.

Mar Roxas may convince the whole country and may even become the next president, but I wonder how he can convince and get my vote, and the votes of those who are as aware as I am but do not have the gift of words?

My contention that Mar Roxas is not the right man to become the next president arises only from a simple premise arrived at after I visited another town in a far away land. Let me tell you about it by quoting a portion of my blog history:

I spent only my elementary years in Pilar, Capiz. Since then, I was only in Pilar during Christmas and summer vacations. I was in and out of Pilar, Capiz and could not yet recognize the curious feeling inside me every time I am in it; until I visited Cantilan, Surigao del Sur.

From Surigao City, I had to endure a three hour van ride. To get to Cantilan, the van had to pass through dry river beds, and over them through wooden planks with no side railings; and beside mountains that could not fit the van window and hills with the panoramic view of the long and winding roads the van had been through. But when I reached the town proper, it was really something special. The roads were paved, the houses neat, and there was just this general aura of optimism among its people.

Imagine a town three hours away from its City yet was even more beautiful than my own town which is only an hour away from its own city, Roxas City!

From then on, I felt sorry for myself and for the town I came from every time I remember these trips (I made two). I hated the officials from the Senator down to the town mayors. How can a town situated between mountains that produce sugar, rice, corn, fruits and other agricultural products, and the sea that bears fish of all kinds have an eerie feeling of dryness, loneliness and hunger?

It is because of politicians like Mar Roxas that this blog came about. I want to wake a Mar Roxas from his grand dreams with these words: “You cannot change a lowly town only an hour away from the City named after your family name, how dare you proclaim you can change the Philippines and all of it?”

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